Capital Industries specializes in the Design and Manufacture of Custom & Special Machines and Contract Manufacturing Services including Welding,Fabrication and Cutting Services

Capital Industries

Examples or our workSystem Development of Pneumatic Part Lift to Assist Manufacturing OperatorsCustom Design & Fabrication of a Flight SimulatorCustom Designed Can Inspection MachineReverse Engineering of Stainless Steel Stripping Tank

CAPITAL INDUSTRIES is a supplier to multiple industries providing outsourced and contract manufacturing along with services to custom design, engineer, build and fully integrate specialized machines into automated systems.

Today CAPITAL INDUSTRIES is a leading multi-million dollar premier engineering, metal fabricator, custom machine builder, robotic solutions provider and contract manufacturer that serves multiple markets including battery manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas exploration, wood processing, stone aggregate, food processing, and many more. For customers like you, we have designed, built, and shipped product to many locations in the U.S. along with over 20 countries throughout the world. What can we build for you today?

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