Feeding bulk material for processing, partially completed assemblies, or piece parts to a machine, operator, or robot is a fundamental function in any automation system.

Capital Industries has experience with a wide variety of feeding technologies and selecting the correct one is critical to ensure solid performance with minimal maintenance.

We work with you to capture elements that affect feeding system performance such as part variability, feed rate, environmental factors, and operator ergonomics to ensure we design the right solution for each application.

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Feeding System Side View


  • Robotics – Pick & Place, Machine Tending
  • Palletized – Powered, Gravity
  • Mechanical Conveyors – Powered, Gravity
  • Pneumatic Conveying – Blow Feed, Dilute Phase, Dense Phase
  • Bowl Feeders – Vibratory, Centrifugal, Gravity
  • Elevators – Servo, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Bucket
  • Accumulator – Tables, Conveyors

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