At Capital Industries, we provide our diverse regional clients with the highest quality custom welding and fabrication services. Serving customers in a host of industries, from automotive through battery manufacturing to food or aggregate processing, our work is ideal for numerous applications.

We can take your design and produce a prototype, custom machine, or develop the necessary weld fixtures to ensure accuracy and repeatability to manufacture your product in multiple quantities.

We specialize in many welding processes, including MIG, TIG, brazing, stick welding, and single to multi-pass to 100% penetration. Fabrication processes range from cutting, forming, shearing, machining, to almost any required method to produce the required design.

Our cutting processes are varied as well, and are highly advanced. We process flat stock from 20 gauge to 2 inches thick, and structural tubing from 1 inch to 24 inches in width. We easily handle weights up to 20 tons. Our expert team works with tolerances down to ± 1/32 inches or machined tolerance to ± .0005 where specified.

We also proudly offer top-quality painting services through our 20′ wide x 15′ tall x 40′ painting booth. Through our 30,000 square foot fabrication department and 20-ton bridge crane lifting capacity, we can accommodate most any size and volume of product.

Platform Structure

Offering our customers an extensive array of custom fabricated products and many additional services, along with a thorough quality control and testing program, we continue to be at the forefront of technology, service, and reliability. Please contact Capital Industries with any questions.

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