Capital’s staff is comprised of highly skilled engineers and technicians from multiple manufacturing backgrounds and design disciplines. Give us your manufacturing challenge and we will develop solutions that consider budget, automation technology, plant layouts & space, human interface, processes, and environmental impacts.

Our expertise began in the early ‘90s when the founders were engaged in working with and around manufacturing equipment and control systems. From there, a passion evolved and was focused toward supporting the manufacturing industry with solid, simple solutions to solve complex challenges. Today we have a team of mechanical and electrical engineers with decades of combined experience designing and working with industrial equipment within multiple industries.

We can bring this vast experience to address multiple types of needs from single step processes or tests, to highly automated robotic work cells. Beyond just single part processing, we can assist in complex, multi-stage manufacturing lines as part of an overall production facility.

Engineering Management Desk

A key element to implementing any plan is to know up front that the end results will address the need. Consulting is the best way to verify all the right questions have been asked and answered. Let us help you make sure the considered investment and solution for your facility is the right one. Contact Capital today to learn more of our consulting services.

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